About us

Urban-lab was founded in Japan, one of the developing countries with shrinking population. Through disaster of Fukushima, the country is at the point of turning point from economic society for several decades to alternative society. By the experience in Japan, we offer the change for the alternative city beyond the traditional development.

The concept of our service is the change inside the city. The external change, such as hardware like architecture or technology, would be a powerful engine for the city, but we believe that essential change would come from inside of the city. The city should grow by its own learning, which means each citizen should concern with the change of the city by oneself.

For the citizen-based change, creativity is a key elements. Every citizen has a brilliant creative idea but it is problem that there is no opportunity to grow and realize the idea.

Urban-lab support the change by citizen by the environment inspiring spontaneity for citizen.

Recent Work

Civic Pride for the tourism strategy: Tamba, Japan (2014)

Tourism is one of the next leading industry of Japan, and, like many municipalities, Tamba, one of the small municipality in the central of Japan, tried making strategy for tourism., but the straregy has been based on the one-way promotion with traditional PR & marketing using advertising, and it has been ignored local people inside the region.

However, true PR would be born inside the region, by word of local people. They would be a strong influencer when they become a fun of their living place, and their voluntary PR would be one of the most trustworthy reputation. To encourage them the fun, it is the 1st step to grow their Civic Pride.

In 2014, a new project launched in Tamba, as a 1st step of the new tourism strategy; Booklet to discover the allure of the region by cutting-edge view The booklet was inspired KINFOLK in Portland, the magazine supported by young generation with good taste, but it was different that main target was local people, not ouside of the region. The project aim to make local people re-discover their living place, and grow civic pride on their mind.

The 2 booklets published in 2014, and were gained a good reputation. According to the questionare for the readers. 98% of respondents wanted to reccommend the booklet to the friends, and some respondents actually found out the booklet by the introduction of their friends.

The project will continue until 2016 to grow more civic pride as a base of the new tourism strategy.

Strategy for local regional-revitalization, Tatebayashi, Japan (2015)

It is serious problem for Japan the shrinking population. The population in Japan turned from rise to fall in 2008, and will decline by 67% in 2060. To tackle with this problem, it was launched the strategy for local regional-revitalization (地方創生) by Japanese govenment and local municipalities in 2015.

To make the strategy, not the plan, there a 2 key points; the prioritation and mesuarable valuation. Public sector is also shrinking because of the population-trend, and it is required its massive effiency with limited resources.

The other point is the mesuarable valuation with objective index. In past plans by municipalities has got a bad reputation because it has been impposible to measure what they had done. To visualize the effiency, it is necessary the KPI design.

To realize the 2 key-points above, it is 1st step to grasp and analyze the current situation using objective data. It becomes easy to get the latest data. In 2015, Japanese Govenment released public-data visualized in website (RESAS).

The strategy of Tatebayashi-city became a good case using the data-analysis using public-data, and strategy with the prioritation and KPI design.

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